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When You Need to Hire an Attorney for Tax Relief


Being behind on your taxes can be stressful, but when your delinquency results in tax liens, levies, and notices from the agency itself, your stress may quickly turn into fear. While you may be compelled to dodge letters from the IRS and hope that eventually all attempts at contact will cease, that is the worst thing you can do. The best thing you can do is contact an experienced West Palm Beach IRS debt lawyer who can advise you of your options and help you work your way out of your tax debt instead of digging yourself further into trouble. If you are worried about your future and want to resolve your IRS debt problems once and for all, contact the knowledgeable legal associates at The Port Law Firm today.

Reasons You May Want to Hire an Attorney 

While the IRS does make it possible for taxpayers to resolve issues on their own, some issues are too great for individuals to tackle without legal assistance. Below are just five of those problems:

  • You Have a Tax Lien Against You: If your taxes go unpaid for a significant amount of time, the IRS may place a lien on your property, which means that it essentially controls everything you own, even if it does not yet have the title. Tax liens may make it difficult for you to borrow money or make any future investments. If not resolved, the tax liens may become levies, which will allow the IRS to seize your property and not just control what you do with it, but to own it.
  • The IRS Has Placed a Levy on Your Property: Once a levy is in place, the IRS has legal right to your wages, bank accounts, cars, boats, 401Ks, fine art pieces, real estate, and other property of value. At this point, it is essential that you hire a tax debt attorney who knows how to appease the IRS and limit financial damage.
  • You Have Unfiled Returns: Unfiled tax returns are a major reason for many people’s IRS woes. Failing to file your tax returns is illegal, and if the amount owed is significant, you may find yourself faced with one of two options: accept the penalties or pay everything you owe up front.
  • You Have Unpaid Taxes: There may be several reasons that you have unpaid taxes, but if you did not inform the IRS of your financial hardships and set up a payment plan with them, you are still expected to pay back taxes on time. If you have a significant amount of back taxes that you cannot afford to pay, an attorney can assess your situation and come up with the best possible solution that will not bankrupt you and that will appease the IRS.
  • You Have Accrued Tax Penalties: If part of the reason that you cannot afford your back taxes is simply the fact that you have accrued fees and penalties, an attorney may be able to help reduce the amount you owe and get you back on track. With an attorney’s help, your fines can be drastically reduced, if not eliminated entirely, if you can show that there was a valid reason for your default. Moreover, the IRS just wants what is owed to them; if you cannot afford to pay the fines on top of your tax debt, a tax attorney may be able to negotiate the next best solution.

An experienced IRS tax debt lawyer can help you make sense of the complex tax laws and get back into compliance. If your tax woes consume your every waking thought, it may be time to turn to a professional for relief.

Tax Relief is Just a Phone Call Away 

The tax debt attorneys at The Port Law Firm at trained to resolve a number of complex tax problems. Whether you want to know how you can lower your tax burden during bankruptcy or what you need to do to get back into compliance with tax law, we are prepared to find a solution that achieves the ultimate end goal: tax relief. Schedule your free consultation today.

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