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West Palm Beach Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Lawyer

Make a Fresh Start with Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

If you are struggling to meet your financial obligations under a mountain of crushing debt, Chapter 7 bankruptcy may be the lifeline you need. A Chapter 7 bankruptcy can provide you with a clean slate and let you start fresh, free from the pressures and stress of overburdening debt. In West Palm Beach and Port Saint Lucie, contact The Port Law Firm to speak with a dedicated and successful West Palm Beach Chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyer.

Keep Your Assets and Emerge Debt-Free

If your current monthly income is below the state median for your household, then you can qualify for Chapter 7. If your income is above the median threshold, then you will need to take a means test to determine whether you are eligible for Chapter 7 based on your income level. Although this test can be quite complicated, our experienced bankruptcy attorney and staff can quickly determine whether you are a likely candidate for Chapter 7 or not.

You can emerge from a Chapter 7 straight bankruptcy virtually debt-free, ready to start a new life without crushing debt. At The Port Law Firm, we will prepare your bankruptcy and walk you through the Florida bankruptcy exemptions so that you can obtain a “no-asset” bankruptcy, meaning you would not have to sell any of your property in order to get a discharge of your debt.

If you have a high amount of unsecured debt, such as credit card debt, medical debt, certain furniture loans or civil money judgments, then a Chapter 7 bankruptcy may be of enormous benefit to you. Even though not all debt is dischargeable under Chapter 7, a Chapter 7 can erase a large portion of your debt and free you to make payments on your other financial obligations, such as student loans, child support payments, a car loan or home mortgage.

If don’t qualify for Chapter 7 based on income, or your debt is mostly secured or nondischargeable, then you may still benefit from a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, which can help you stay in your home and keep your car while organizing your debts into a practical payment plan.

Don’t Wait to Take Control of Your Finances. Call The Port Law Firm Today.

You don’t have to wait until you are completely broke and facing financial catastrophe to file for Chapter 7. Take control of your finances now, and put an end to those sleepless nights filled with worry. Call The Port Law Firm for a free consultation with a compassionate, dedicated and experienced West Palm Beach bankruptcy lawyer who can help you on the path to financial freedom. In West Palm Beach, call 561-721-1212, or reach us at our office in Port Saint Lucie at 772-323-2320.

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