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The Emotional Effects of Stress and How They Negatively Impact Your Life


Someone once said that money cannot buy happiness. That person clearly never had to stare at a stack of unpaid bills and determine which were the most important to pay this month. He or she never had to choose between making the full mortgage payment or putting food on the table, and they clearly never had to watch the only family vehicle get repossessed because they could no longer afford the payments. It is true that money cannot buy love, laughter, and experiences, but it can buy comfort, which is all most people really want.

Debt can take a huge toll on a person’s emotional health and even on their relationships. It can make a person angry, frustrated, and physically ill. Debt has a way of consuming people’s lives, and of making every experience a stressful one. If this is how you feel—like simply living is stressful because of your debt—you are not alone.

The Impact of Consumer Debt on Health 

Money is not just a means to pay the bills—it is also a way to provide for your family, plan for your future, and enjoy your down time. Without money, your choices become restricted, and you are unable to do what you really want with your life, which may include traveling, enjoying a meal out every once in a while, or even buying yourself that new outfit you have been eyeing in the window of a local boutique. Moreover, lack of money makes it difficult for you to pay the bills and live comfortably with luxuries such as heat, air conditioning, whole foods, and adequate healthcare. This can wreak havoc on both your physical and mental well-being, so to make yourself feel better, you borrow money.

But borrowing money does not help. In fact, it hurts. According to the U.S. National Library of Medicine, individuals with outstanding amounts of debt were more prone to mental health disorders such as depression, anxiety, suicidal ideation, and general psychological distress. The effects are not just limited to mental health, however. Stress is known to play key roles in physical health conditions, particularly those that deal with the metabolic and cardiovascular systems. Stress also leads to poor dietary decisions, decreased physical activity, poor sleeping habits, and substance abuse, each of which leads to the further deterioration of health.

Borrowing money to get out of debt is a slippery slope to poor health and financial ruin. If this is the path that you are on, it is time to get help.

Dealing With Your Debt 

If you are tired of feeling stressed out, overwhelmed, and just plain unhappy, the cure is just a phone call away. By dealing with your debt in an aggressive manner such as through bankruptcy, loan modification, or debt consolidation, you can find relief and get on the path to financial freedom. While debt consolidation and loan modification can only help to make your debt more manageable, bankruptcy lets you start over. If you want to start over and get your life back, the skilled and compassionate West Palm Beach bankruptcy lawyers at our law firm can provide the guidance you need at this difficult time in your life. To learn more about how bankruptcy can help you, contact The Port Law Firm today. Your free consultation is the first step towards becoming debt free and getting your life back.


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